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Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday High Five

It was a short week this week, but it certainly did not feel like it. I am exhausted and so ready to sleep in tomorrow (am I allowed to list a potential sleep in as on of my high fives? ..... just kidding!) This is tougher since i did my belated high fives on Tuesday.

1.We were able to solidify some new this week.

2. Had a very nice visit with my best friend Wednesday afternoon. We went for tacos and a chat. Always nice to catch up and sometimes it feels like we don't get to see one another enough.

3. Had a co-worker/friend over for lunch yesterday. Afterward we worked on making her a necklace. She had purchased the beads for it months ago, so it was nice to finally get to it.

It was a pretty quiet week so I am going to cheat a little and use my last two high fives as things I am looking forward to in the next couple of days.

4. Having some really good friends over for dinner tonight. We haven't seen them in about 2 months. We have been busy and they were in Mexico for a couple of weeks. We always really enjoy ourselves with them so I think tonight is going to be lots of fun.

5. I'm also looking forward to my brother coming home tomorrow! He and his fiance have been in Ontario for the last week. I miss him!

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