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Friday, 7 September 2012

Review Befine Food Skin Care Warming Clay Mask

I don't normally do this, but I wanted to write a review of one of the items I received in the August Glossybox. This came in a package with 4 other Befine products to try and so far this is the only one I have used.

I was tired and sore last night so I thought I would curl up in a warm bath with a good book and a nice mask. The perfect time to try out this new one I received.

The first think I noticed about this mask when I was putting it on was how much it actually warmed. It was a really interesting feeling and I actually quite liked it. The mask felt nice on, it didn't dry out like I thought it might, so I may have had it on a little longer than I was supposed to. It didn't burn my face at all.

However, when I went to rinse it off I noticed that it was quite oily. The mask got even warmer when I added water to it, which felt nice and kind of refreshing, but there was a definite oily residue. It only got worse as I got more of the mask off my face. In fact, I had to wash my hair afterwards. The mask had just touched the edges of my hair around my face but that was enough for the oil to leech into my hair.

Overall I was not happy with this product. The whole purpose of a mask it to clarify your skin and make it feel healthy afterwards. This just made me feel like I washed my face with olive oil. It was gross! The warming effect was it's only redeeming quality, and I know there are tons of other warming masks on the market. I am holding out for better results from the other packets of this.

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