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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday High Five

Friday again!! And I know I missed doing my High Fives last Friday....oops!

Looking back it was a pretty great week!

1.  A good friend of mine married a Cuban girl earlier this year. Recently they received some great news and she was able to move here with her permanent residency. Dan and I were able to get together with the happy couple to meet her for the very first time last Friday night. It was the perfect beginning to the weekend. What a nice girl!

2. We were able to take advantage of the amazingly warm weather we've been having and host a bon fire on Saturday night. We had quite a few of our friends over for marshmallows and other snacks. It was warm enough that we were out past midnight enjoying the fire.

3. I won! I won! I thought for sure I had saved myself another holiday to use at Christmas time, despite my boss' thoughts that I had used all my holidays up. (Dan and I just booked a week in December so that we can hopefully get away to a sunny desitination). I started the year with 16 days and had one carryover day from last year. For some reason, the computer system at work was not adding in that carryover day so that's what was messing everything up. I am very happy now because that one holiday means i get a whopping 5 days off work at Christmas time, rather than having the weekend off, coming back for one day, and then having two days off.

4. A very exciting milestone this week! We have officially made it to the second trimester! I am still a bit nervous about something going wrong, but that is definitely a good sign of the health of our baby. Last week's ultrasound also made us feel a lot better about things. Baby looked great with a strong heartbeat! And the IPS screening showed excellent results.

5. Dan and I got to go do a little bit of baby shopping this week. That is such a fantastically fun activity! It's still a bit tough because we don't know the baby's gender. So far everything we have gotten has been as gender neutral as possible, but even so, we have managed to find some REALLY cute outfits!

Looking forward to this coming weekend! My cousin is coming over for an Italian pot luck with board games tomorrow night. Sunday we are hitting up the local corn maze with some of our friends.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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