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Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday High Five

I can't take credit for coming up with Friday High Five posts. I have seen several versions of them on other blogs but I think they are the greatest idea! It's almost like Thanksgiving on a weekly basis and a great way to reflect on the things that make life so special. I know I am a very blessed person- great family, friends, excellent job- but I also know I take all those fantastic things forgranted from time to time.

The concept is simple- On Fridays I will post 5 positive things from the week. I will take a look back and reflect on what made each week special.

Here we go!

1. Bittersweet Saturday night. We had to bit adieu to my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. They had been out from Ontario and spent the week staying with us. We always have such a nice time with him. It was a fantastic visit, but sad to see them go. 

2. Monday marked the start of our latest soccer season. (Hooray!) I captain the team we play on, and it is always a challenge to find enough girls. The league that we play in has a rule that each team must have 2 girls on at all times. Our team usually has a pretty small pool of girls and this week the gods were conspiring against me. One female player was out because she is getting married very soon, another injured herself playing baseball, and the last girl on the roster was out because of work commitments. That left just me! It is never very fun playing with no subs although a quick look at the rules showed us it was possible to play with only one girl (me) without having to forfeit the game. We would just have to play down a player. Ok, i could accept that... not an ideal situation, but doable. We arrived at the facility and I actually managed to recruit 2 girls from one of the teams that was playing before us. They were great players! We didn't win our game, lost by one, but it was really nice having them join us and it definitely took some of the pressure off of me.

3. Also on Monday, the colleague that I work most closely with returned to work after a 2 week holiday. It was really nice to have him back. It is very lonely at work without him. 

4. Tuesday night I enjoyed a fabulous dinner out with my husband and two of my dearest friends from college. We went to a lovely little Italian spot. After having company for the last week, this was the perfect way to unwind a little bit.

5. My husband and I have decided to go diving at a local spot on the weekend (we're going with one of my coworkers). I am so excited to finally try out all our new scuba equipment! Last night Dan and I sat down to try and learn our new dive computers. We still have some more work to do tonight, but it was great to finally learn it.

There you have it- the 5 things that made this week extra special!

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