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Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday High Five

Wow, do I ever feel like I am running behind this week! I have been so slow on getting reviews up for the September Glossy Box and the September Beauty Box 5. I will try to get those up in the next week, although we have company coming to stay with us for a week, so no promises. What a great week this was! In a nut shell here are my favourite moments from it.

1. Saturday my husband and I were able to celebrate a friend's son's first birthday. It was a great time and he was so cute! A neighbor of theirs had made him one of the most fabulous cakes I have ever seen in my life. It was a giant green dinosaur complete with a volcano and palm trees. A total work of art!

2. Saturday night my cousin and her husband came over for an Italian themed pot luck dinner and some board games. I don't think we had seen them since Christmas (which is super lame considering we live in the same city). It was great to catch up with them and be able to share our wonderful news. Boardgames were also fun (once we figured out how to play).

3. Sunday was a busy day! Dan and I headed out a our neighborhood park in the morning to snap a couple of shots so that we could announce our pregnancy to our friends and family on Facebook. We got some really cute photos. I think this one is my favourite.

Also on Sunday we joined some friends of ours for a trip to our city's corn maze. We had such a great time there. On top of the corn maze there was so much to do, including  a petting zoo! Afterwards we went over to their place for some dinner.

4. Dan and I were able to book our holiday this week! So exciting! After much debate and consideration we decided to splurge for a really nice 5 star resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There are medical services on the resort and it isn't far from the city or the hospital, just in case anything should go wrong while we are there (heaven forbid!). I was a little nervous about going somewhere off the beaten path this time. Another nice thing about this resort is that they provide you with bottled water in your room. This is very important for me because I have a tendancy to get get from water very easily. We are very much looking forward to some time in the sun on the beach.

5. Wednesday I had my prenatal check up at my doctor. Dan decided to come along with me this time, and am I ever glad he did! The doctor was able to use the doppler for us to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was amazing! I was so impressed with how quickly she was able to find it, especially after reading so many stories online where it took the doctor ages or the never found it at all.

Looking forward to another fabulous week! Dan's dad will be in town for a visit. We haven't seen him since Christmas either, so this is very exciting!

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